At Thomas & Krail, we have extensive experience handling the most delicate legal issues families face, having helped hundreds of New Jersey families navigate these difficult matters. Founded on the core principles of communication, advocacy and collaboration, clients can always expect a compassionate, solution-oriented approach from Thomas & Krail.


Communication between attorney and client is often overlooked in cases of family law. We take care to regularly communicate with our clients and ask the necessary questions that will bolster their case and allow us to effectively advocate on behalf of our clients.


Our attorneys are ready to listen to your unique case, review and research the details, and then create suitable plan of action to achieve your specific legal goals. At Thomas & Krail, we understand daily life is complicated enough without legal proceedings – let us bear that burden.


We believe in actively partnering with our clients to not only understand their unique situations and provide comprehensive solutions but to also educate them about the legal process and why we choose to implement particular plans of action in their case.

Divorce Proceedings

The process of divorce can be complicated to navigate both legally and emotionally.  At Thomas & Krail, we take care to understand the needs of our clients and advocate on their behalf in order to come to a fair resolution that will allow them to thrive in their futures, rather than be burdened by an unfair settlement.

Your future – and the future of your family – matters to us.  We have the experience, knowledge and desire to guide you through the complicated nuances of divorce proceedings.