5 things You Should Tell Your Family Attorney

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When hiring a family attorney there are certain things your lawyer will need to know. Before you call Thomas & Krail LLC Attorneys at Law, make sure you are ready with the following information:

Criminal Record

Do you have a criminal record? Make sure to tell your attorney about any previous arrests, sentences, etc. so that they can prepare for your case properly.

Personal History

Are there crazy rumors floating around about you? Are you a member of a group, religion, or organization that might turn a few heads? Did you have an affair or other illicit relationship? Do you tend to vent on Facebook or other social media? Let your lawyer know up front so they can make sure it doesn’t impact your case.

Previous Court Cases and Settlements

Do you already have any court orders on record? Are you supposed to pay or receive child support or alimony? Do you have full custody of your child? Let your lawyer know so they can account for these things in their preparation for your case.

Any Conflicts of Interest

Do you have a business or personal dealing that could be a conflict of interest? If you are financially invested in something that could have an impact on your case, you need to tell your lawyer right away.

What Steps Have You Taken So Far?

Have you met with anyone else regarding this case? Have you been through an ombudsman or binding arbitration already? Tell your lawyer where you are in this process to help them assist you properly.

If you are in need of a family attorney, the professionals at Thomas & Krail LLC Attorneys at Law are ready to assist you. Call them right away for help with all of your needs regarding family law.

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