Who determines how assets are divided in a divorce?

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A divorce isn’t anything that someone looks forward to, but for some couples it is inevitable. The best way to handle things is to try to be amicable and willing to compromise without being unfair to yourself. A common question that comes up is who determines how to split the assets. The final judgment comes […]

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5 things You Should Tell Your Family Attorney

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When hiring a family attorney there are certain things your lawyer will need to know. Before you call Thomas & Krail LLC Attorneys at Law, make sure you are ready with the following information: Criminal Record Do you have a criminal record? Make sure to tell your attorney about any previous arrests, sentences, etc. so […]

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What Are the Parental Rights of Unmarried Parents In New Jersey?

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What are the Parental Rights of Unmarried Parents? Unmarried parents generally have the same challenges married parents encounter where child custody is concerned. Although the laws vary depending on the state, whether you are the mother or father of a child will be the main area of focus regarding your parental rights. If you have […]

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Is Shoplifting A Criminal Offense?

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Everyday millions of people visit grocery stores, thrift shops and pharmacies to purchase things they need. While the vast majority of people pay for their goods, some leave without paying and this is called shoplifting. Below is an overview of this crime and what penalties may be imposed on those who get caught. If you […]

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Seeking Compensation for the Victims of Intoxicated Drivers

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Intoxicated drivers kill and injure hundreds of thousands every year in the United States. If you are the victim of someone who is operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will expect financial compensation. However, the amount you receive will depend upon different factors. A Freehold drunk driving attorney can […]

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