New Jersey Most Common Immigration Application Mistakes

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Common Mistakes to Avoid on Immigration Applications Whether you have family in the United States or are following a dream to succeed in life, there are a variety of opportunities in this great nation. Those with the drive are often able to take the steps necessary to become legal citizens, and it takes time and […]

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New Jersey residents less likely to divorce

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New Jersey residents may be slow when it comes to going to the altar, but when they do, they’re likely to stay married longer. Less than 9 percent of married couples will get a divorce, according to the latest census data Census data indicates that New Jersey has both the lowest marriage and divorce rates […]

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Attorney

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Almost everyone has had the unfortunate experience of receiving a speeding ticket. While these tickets are common, many are not aware of the legal consequences involved with admitting to a speeding ticket. These include fines, driving record points and increased insurance rates. Speeding tickets may be challenged and possibly dismissed. A New Jersey speeding ticket […]

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New Jersey Immigration Help

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America has oftentimes been referred to as the land of opportunity.  Although there is the allure of hope; nothing is given, and you have to work hard to earn it.  Immigrants choose the United States for a variety of reasons, such as job opportunities and better educational systems.  Many immigrants choose this country because of […]

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Filing For Divorce in New Jersey

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If you’re living in New Jersey and plan to file for divorce, following the correct process and gathering relevant paperwork is essential to your success during legal proceedings. Here are a few tips to help get you started: No-Fault Divorces A “no fault” divorce takes place when neither individual committed an act that caused the […]

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