New Jersey residents less likely to divorce

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New Jersey residents may be slow when it comes to going to the altar, but when they do, they’re likely to stay married longer. Less than 9 percent of married couples will get a divorce, according to the latest census data

Census data indicates that New Jersey has both the lowest marriage and divorce rates in the country. The low marriage rate may be due to residents waiting until they’re older to say their wedding vows. Because they’re older and have attained their educational goals, they may be more financially stable that folks who marry right out of high school. And if they divorce, they’re not as likely to rush into second or third marriages as couples do in other states.

While couples do not necessarily rush toward divorce court, they do get divorced. They face the same stressors as couples everywhere: Money, children, unhappy work situations, meddling in-laws and sex are just some of the factors leading couples to consult with New Jersey divorce attorneys. Money may be the biggest factor in Garden State divorces, even though state residents have one of the highest median household incomes in the United States.

Even with a low divorce rate, not all marriages are beds of roses. People change as they grow older; spouses grow apart. They feel they’ll be happier leading lives than married ones. Residents contemplating divorce may wish to meet with a New Jersey divorce attorney to discuss their options. The attorneys at Thomas & Krail LLC are well qualified to answer questions on divorce and guide their clients through the process. Divorce is never easy but Thomas & Krail LLC work hard to lessen the burden at this stressful time.