What are the most common reasons that push a person to shoplift?

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In New Jersey, shoplifting can take on many forms. For instance, under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, a person shoplifts when he or she purposefully takes possession of merchandise and carries it away, or a person shoplifts by merely concealing merchandise on his or her person with the intent to permanently remove the […]

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Shoplifting at Barney’s

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Last month, a man was arrested after attempting to steal shirts worth $1,240 from Barney’s in New York City. Shoplifting has recently become more common in high-end department stores in the Big Apple, with nine known instances at Bloomingdales in a two month period.

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Shoplifting Penalties in New Jersey

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The penalties for shoplifting vary from state, and in New Jersey, if you walk out of a store without paying for an item of merchandise, you may face community service, fines or even jail time. Because the state of New Jersey considers shoplifting to be a crime of moral turpitude, a convicted shoplifter who is […]

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New Jersey Proposes Lowering Legal Drinking Age

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A bill filed in the New Jersey General Assembly would lower the legal drinking age to eighteen, under the rationale that if you can vote, buy a home, get married, and serve in the military, then you should be able to purchase and consume alcohol. A recent editorial in the Star-Ledger, in opposition to the […]

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New Jersey Speeding Ticket Attorney

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Almost everyone has had the unfortunate experience of receiving a speeding ticket. While these tickets are common, many are not aware of the legal consequences involved with admitting to a speeding ticket. These include fines, driving record points and increased insurance rates. Speeding tickets may be challenged and possibly dismissed. A New Jersey speeding ticket […]

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