Shoplifting at Barney’s

Posted by on September 16, 2016 in Criminal Law | 0 comment

Last month, a man was arrested after attempting to steal shirts worth $1,240 from Barney’s in New York City. Shoplifting has recently become more common in high-end department stores in the Big Apple, with nine known instances at Bloomingdales in a two month period.
However, New York City retailers are not the only ones losing money to shoplifting; it happens all across the country. Earlier this month, at the mall in Moorestown, New Jersey, a woman was arrested for attempting to steal $960 in Nike apparel by concealing it in a shopping bag.
New Jersey law considers shoplifting to be intentionally taking an item without paying it by hiding it on yourself or something you’re carrying, as well as paying less than full price for an item by altering, removing, or switching the item’s price tag.
The charges and penalties for shoplifting in New Jersey are based on the full retail price of the item(s) taken. The tiers are as follows:

  • Second Degree-full retail value of $75,000 or more; 10-15 years inprisonment, fine up to $150,000
  • Third Degree-full retail value of $500; 3-5 years inprisonment, fine up to $15,000
  • Fourth Degree-full retail value of between $200 and $500; up to 18 months inprisonment, fine up to $10,000
  • Disorderly Persons Offense-full retail of less than $200; up to 6 months inprisonment, fine up to $1,000

Each offense also includes mandatory community service.

A New Jersey shoplifting lawyer can assist store owners in understanding their rights regarding detention of the suspect and restitution for merchandise.
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