What are the most common reasons that push a person to shoplift?

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In New Jersey, shoplifting can take on many forms. For instance, under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, a person shoplifts when he or she purposefully takes possession of merchandise and carries it away, or a person shoplifts by merely concealing merchandise on his or her person with the intent to permanently remove the merchandise. Another example of shoplifting is transferring a price tag or label from one product to another to alter the price. Multiple examples exist in Title 2C of the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice at N.J.S.A. 2C:20-11.

However, the reasons that people shoplift varies. Psychology Today published an online article in August of 2014 titled, “Why Do People Steal?” This article highlights that while some people steal out of need, such as an individual in a dire financial situation, other times theft is less conspicuous to the person engaging in the activity. For instance, a person might feel justified when they believe a major retailer has overpriced an item, or a person might think they paid for other services with a merchant and they should get the merchandise they desire as a part of the other service. There are also people who enjoy the false-thrill that accompanies shoplifting. An individual who enjoys the false-thrill might experience an emotional rush by breaking the law, or that person might benefit from the idea that they are getting back at big corporate America in the case where the theft involves a large retailer.

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