Filing For Divorce in New Jersey

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If you’re living in New Jersey and plan to file for divorce, following the correct process and gathering relevant paperwork is essential to your success during legal proceedings. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

No-Fault Divorces

A “no fault” divorce takes place when neither individual committed an act that caused the marriage to end. This type of divorce can be filed if the couple has been living separately for at least 18 months or they have been experiencing irreconcilable differences during six months before the initial filing date of the divorce.

At-Fault Divorces

A fault divorce is when the actions of one of the spouses is grounds for divorce. This can happen when one of the individuals leaves the other one for at least 12 months prior to the filing date of the divorce, or in cases of violence, when one individual commits a violent act against the other individual within three months preceding the initial filing date.

Things to Consider

There are a variety of things to consider when filing for divorce in New Jersey. If you have children, you must decide visitation rights, if any, child support amounts and who the children should live with after the divorce is final.

The divorce process can be extremely confusing, especially when children, money and property are involved. After the papers have been filed, you must prepare a summons to be served to the other party involved in the divorce. The paperwork that must be served includes the complaint, the summons, certificate of insurance and the certification of notification of complementary dispute resolution alternatives.

Divorce should not be tackled alone. Contact Thomas & Krail, LLC if you plan on filing for divorce in New Jersey.