Suicide Prevention In NJ Colleges Program

Posted by on August 18, 2016 in Health Law, Medical | 0 comment

Going to college is an important time in anyone’s life, but it can be incredibly challenging. Students are under a great deal of pressure to perform in school and often experience personal issues that make it difficult to cope. For this reason, suicides among college students are on the rise. Recently, there have been additions made to New Jersey Health Law to help reduce the number of suicides in college.

In 2015, The New Jersey Strategy For Suicide Prevention was enacted to help prevent and intervene in college suicides. This is aimed to help both students and their families who are left devastated when suicide affects their family. Many families are unaware their loved one is struggling to cope and have no idea suicide is imminent.

This New Jersey Health Law was enacted based on statistics on suicide. From 2010 to 2012, 233 youth suicides occurred in New Jersey. Of these suicides, 72 percent were youths aged 19 to 24. This spurred action by the state to help youths in crisis. Some programs available are the Traumatic Loss Coalition, 2nd Floor Youth Helpline, Mobile Response Crisis Screening and the New Jersey Suicide Prevention Hot Line.

Programs like this are key to giving youths options that may help them avoid suicide. Citizens of New Jersey should support these efforts and help any way they can. Suicide is a serious problem and can occur despite our best efforts as families and communities.

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