What happens if I can’t afford a divorce lawyer?

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The process of divorce is trying and emotional, even under the best circumstances. It can be even more so when you can’t afford a lawyer. If this is the case, what should you do? Many people consider going it alone to save money, but options are available when searching for a New Jersey divorce lawyer.

When the cost of a lawyer is prohibitive, you might first consider visiting a law school. Law students may be able to offer impartial legal advice, and may be willing to spend time working with you for nothing more than the experience they will gain. Because law students have a better understanding of the law than the average person, this may be a good place to start.

A lawyer can help avoid mistakes and delays. Divorce requires a huge amount of paperwork as former spouses untangle their lives. If you cannot afford a New Jersey divorce lawyer, another option is a legal aid society. Many times, these lawyers will work on a pro bono or sliding scale. This can give legal access when you may not otherwise be able to afford it. Legal advice may be especially necessary in cases with minor children, a spouse requesting alimony or a couple with substantial combined debt or assets. Mistakes draw out the expense and timeframe of a divorce, so some legal help is recommended.

A divorce lawyer is also important to protect your rights and assets. If you think a lawyer is out of the question due to cost, it is good to remember that not all legal costs are the same. When you need a lawyer, you are a consumer. As with other consumer experiences, you can price services of different lawyers in your area. If you are seeking for a New Jersey divorce lawyer, or have questions about divorce, let an expert work for you. Call Thomas & Krail LLC Attorneys at Law today.

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