What Should I Know About Health Law?

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Health laws and regulations regarding how and when one can access health services, health insurance, and powers of an attorney always vary from one state to another. There are four aspects of health regulations in New Jersey that one needs to know to avoid medical pervasions that are against the state law.

Durable Power of Attorney
Durable powers of an attorney are the powers accorded to a family member to make a living will decision on behalf of a sick or unconscious patient. When such a will is in compliant with New Jersey health laws, medical professionals will not be held liable for a criminal or civil offense.

Euthanasia regulations
Euthanasia is an act of mercy killing carried out to patients undergoing unmanageable pain and suffering. During the process, a doctor may be required to administer a patient with a lethal dose. Euthanasia is prohibited by the New Jersey Health laws although they give room to a passive form of Euthanasia where a physician may withdraw some life-sustaining procedures if a patient gives consent.

Medical Records Laws
The state laws also require that a patient’s medical records be treated as confidential. However, in some cases, a patient’s medical records may be disclosed upon a court order. For instance, in New Jersey, medical records that may contain suspicious information, such as cases of child abuse, may be disclosed.

Living Will Laws
Living will regulations are the legal agreements concerning a patient’s end of life care. The agreement takes effect when patients are deemed unable to make sane living will preferences. In such cases, a person with durable power of attorney will decide on behalf of the patient.
Health laws differ from state to state. Furthermore, a state’s health regulations might change over time. For this reason, it is suggested that you contact an experienced attorney who will help you to make sound decisions. In case you reside in New Jersey, contact health attorneys from Thomas and Krail LLC any time you need assistance on any health law issues.
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