How to choose a good family lawyer?

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If you are considering a divorce, or some other legal matter that requires professional assistance, you need to understand how to choose a good Freehold family attorney. There are a number of factors to bear in mind when it comes to selecting and retaining the right family attorney. Experience Matters in Family Law Family law, […]

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Is Shoplifting A Criminal Offense?

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Everyday millions of people visit grocery stores, thrift shops and pharmacies to purchase things they need. While the vast majority of people pay for their goods, some leave without paying and this is called shoplifting. Below is an overview of this crime and what penalties may be imposed on those who get caught. If you […]

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What happens if I can’t afford a divorce lawyer?

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The process of divorce is trying and emotional, even under the best circumstances. It can be even more so when you can’t afford a lawyer. If this is the case, what should you do? Many people consider going it alone to save money, but options are available when searching for a New Jersey divorce lawyer. […]

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We lived together for 10 years, do I have any rights if we break up?

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The state of New Jersey does not have common-law marriage; however, you may have some rights after living with someone for 10 years. Because you were not married, you may want to consult a Freehold Family Attorney in order to learn what benefits are available for you. Those benefits could include palimony, child support, an […]

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What are the most common reasons that push a person to shoplift?

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In New Jersey, shoplifting can take on many forms. For instance, under the New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice, a person shoplifts when he or she purposefully takes possession of merchandise and carries it away, or a person shoplifts by merely concealing merchandise on his or her person with the intent to permanently remove the […]

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